Frequently Asked Questions

Does your coverage cross state lines?

Yes! The PPO Network Plans that we provide have Nationwide Coverage in all 50 States, and cross over state lines, keeping you covered wherever you go.

What kind of insurance is this?

These are medical plans, with dental & vision options. There are several various health Insurance providers with mostly PPO Network Plans, depending on health & medical history and your quality of care requirements.

Do your health insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions?

Yes, but it depends on the severity of the Pre-Existing conditions, and which plans you are looking for, because several plans are underwritten and will have more medical history requirements.

Is dental and vision included?

Dental and Vision are options within the Health Coverage Plan. There are at least 3 Dental and Vision PPO plans!

Do you also offer life insurance?

Yes, life insurance is an option within the Health Coverage Plan!

Are there any age limits for your insurance plans?

Yes, adults ages 18-64 years old. Dependent Children on a parents plan are also eligible (ages 1 month - 25 yrs. old, if full time student).

Do you offer family plans?

Absolutely! We offer plans for individuals, families, and even small business'.

What kind of network do you have? HMO, PPO, or EPO?

We have access to all of the available networks in your area including HMO, PPO, or EPO!

What is the enrollment period for your health insurance plans?

We can help people get great health coverage plans 365 days a year! We have no special open enrollment periods like Government plans do.

Are TeleHealth services covered?

Yes, there are TeleHealth Services 24/7/365 with MDLive (Medical, Behavioral, & Dermatology).

How are mental health services covered in your plans?

If the Psychiatric Specialist is in the PPO Network you maybe able to get the PPO Discount from for your Specialist visit, but please confirm with your Specialist. If you are looking for Rehab for Mental, Alcohol, or Drug abuse the plan will not cover these conditions.

Can I change my plan mid-year?

Yes! You can add more benefits or delete some benefits from the current plan you have.

What are the out-of-pocket maximums for your plans?

This obviously depends on the specific plans with their particular deductibles and supplemental gap coverage that you require. Please contact your agent to compile the best plan for you and the max out of pocket expense could be calculated and determined at that time! Book a Free Consultation to speak with a licensed advisor.

Do you offer short-term or temporary health insurance options?

Yes, there are some short-term/temporary health insurance plans available as well.

How do I claim reimbursements for out-of-network care?

Ask the Health Provider for all documentation, billing, and invoices that include the ICD Procedure Codes, Diagnosis Records, Notes, and email to Customer Service and Claims. Call or text us at (855) 768-2299 for assistance.

Are alternative therapies like chiropractic and acupuncture covered?

Yes! There are Chiropractic benefits in the plan and most of those practitioners also provide acupuncture as a modality. With the supplemental accident benefits you may also be able to use some non-traditional therapies & modalities if they provide medical codes.

Can I see any doctor or specialist, or do I need a referral?

Our plans include a PPO Network so you do not need a referral from any in-network Physician or Specialist.

How do I check if my current doctor(s) are in-network?

Our Client Portal gives you access to all in-network Doctors, Specialist, Clinics, Hospitals, Labs, Chiropractors, etc.

What kind of insurance is this?

Major Medical Health Coverage with a PPO Network, which also has additional supplemental, indemnity, and association benefits to help lower your medical bills and provide more coverage in one plan, than other health insurance plans!

What company are you with?

We're private which means we're not affiliates with any one company. This also means that we have access to all carriers both public & private which greatly benefits our trucker clients. It's our job to lay out all of your available options and let you make a decision based on that. We can review BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, UHC, you name it! This is one of the major benefits of working with us. Our flexibility gives our clients incredible flexibility too!

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